Learn To Safely Invest In Good Stocks That Generates Consistent Returns
Value Investing : the most important skillset you need to manage and grow your wealth
Learn How You Can PROFIT From The Upcoming Stock Market Opportunities 
You don't need to spend 20 years to accumulate investment experience. 

It is during times of crisis that fortunes are made.

This 1 Day Intensive Workshop will shorten your learning curve and equip you with the basic skill sets to invest for yourself and take charge of your own financial outcome.
Here's what you will learn:
#1 Use $10 per day to Kick Start Your INVESTMENT JOURNEY
- How to get started even if you have little or no experience
- Calculate how much money you need to retire comfortably in Singapore
- How to use Compounding Interest to Generate Massive Wealth
#2 The 3R Model in Value Investing
- We'll teach you this powerful method to identify great businesses which you can immediately buy at a huge discount
- Get access to a Step by Step Checklist which helps you Minimize Risks and Maximize Returns
#3 Understand Stock Market Behaviour To Help You Invest Safely
- Learn the wisdom behind Warren Buffett's famous mantra "Price is what you pay, value is what you get"
- How to invest with confidence and overcome fear
Stories from Value Investors:
After applying the investing methods I've learnt from Value Investing College, it has allowed me to achieve consistent returns. Making your money work hard for you is not a dream!
Hew Hwee Bee, Home Tutor

I remembered telling myself "Hey, if I want to put serious money into the market, I better know what I'm doing!"

Through value investing, I've learnt the important concept of "How much to pay for a share". With the support from Value Investing College's community and learning the 3R concept in depth, I no longer have to worry about my income and retirement.
Vincent Yap, ex-Senior Manager in Oil & Gas Industry

Prior to learning Value Investing, my investments are typically based on technical studies which did not produce the results that I want. After a year of learning Value Investing, my investments have provided a net return of over 60%. 
Richard Lim, Entrepreneur

Your World Class Speaker
Pauline Teo is currently the COO of Value Investing College, which is the number 1 leading Value Investing education provider in Singapore according to the Euromonitor Research. Personally mentored by 2 successful value investors, Ken Chee and Clive Tan, Pauline turned her investment from -40% return in 2010 to becoming a multi-millionaire in 2015. 

Pauline authored her 1st value investing book titled “Value Investing for Women” in 2012, where the first print was sold out within 6 months. She is also a well-known speaker in the area of Value Investing and has spoken to thousands of audiences from various events, such as Bursa Malaysia Investment Day, Invest Fair Singapore, Invest Fair Malaysia, Value Investing Summit and EXCEL Women's Conference. She was also invited by many brokerage houses to speak on the topic of Value Investing such as CIMB Securities, Maybank-Kim Eng and Affin Investment Bank, and had appeared in FM93.8 and Kiss 92. 

Pauline graduated from the Nanyang Technological University with a Master of Arts (Instructional Design and Methodology). She is also a certified facilitator for “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Introductory for the Associates” and a certified Image Consultant by the First Impressions UK. 

Pauline Teo
Chief Operations Officer, 
Value Investing College
What separates Successful people from the ordinary?
The successful ones take action while the ordinary ones do not.

''Wait till I have money to do this or Wait till I have the time to do that.''

Let us tell you: TODAY IS THE DAY! 
Value Investing College. Why did we create such a financial education platform? Because we believe that traditional education earn you a living while Self-Education earn you a Fortune! Education change lives!

With the Proven Value Investing Method popularized by Warren Buffett, we have train and empower thousands of individuals to financial freedom.

We believe Anyone Can Do This! Just how strong is your desire to succeed. The only thing that stopping you is not knowledge nor experience, is You. Yourself.
This Workshop Is For...
  •  Investment beginners who are keen to start their Stock Investment Journey   
  • People who don't know where & how to start Investing 
  •  People who want to generate passive income, the safe and proper manner
  •  Have lost money in stock market but would like to get equipped with the right knowledge to improve your results
  •  Anyone who wants to achieve Financial Freedom through Stock Investing
About Value Investing College
Value Investing College (VIC) is among the leading financial education and training providers in Singapore and Malaysia. Its flagship courses, “Millionaire Investor Program” and “Value Investing Bootcamp”, focus on educating the layman on principles and techniques of value investing. The network supports more than 7,500 programme graduates and is considered one of the leading Value Investing education providers in Singapore and Malaysia. 

With new offices being set up in Taiwan and Thailand, Value Investing College is geared up for its expansion to equip the masses with the right investing knowledge to target issues of market volatility and weakened currency. In line with its Vision of being the “Number 1 Global Value Investing Education Provider”, VIC is flying high overseas with its flagship programmes in London, Germany,Japan ,China, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Vietnam and Dubai, with expansion plans to South Africa, Philippines and other countries.
Our parent company, 8I Holdings Limited, is public listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, with an investment business focusing on listed securities, co-property developments and private businesses, as well as a financial education & training seminar business.
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Disclaimer : All forms of investments carry risks, including the risk of losing all of the invested amount. Such activities may not be suitable for everyone.

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