"... Sean Seah is an expert in teaching the methods of Warren Buffett.."

Mary Buffett
International Best-selling Author of the Buffetology Series
Former daughter-in-law of Warren Buffett

3-Hours VALUE INVESTING Masterclass Reveals...
How to Capitalize on 
Undervalued Stocks TO GENERATE  
Learn this Tried and Tested method proven by 5000+ students across Asia who had totally evolved their financial life
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If you live in Hong Kong worried about rising cost of living, job insecurity and irregular income in your family… and you wish to end the struggle… I have an important message for you

  • You can enjoy a monthly 5-figure passive income
  • You can stay at home with your kids and watch them grow
  • You have the freedom of choice to live life the way you want it
  •  You can be confident your investments that will give you a good retirement
My name is Sean Seah, and I’m often referred to as the Asian Buffettologist! For the past 7 years, I’ve taught more than 5000+ students how to use Warren Buffett’s Value Investing methodology to grow their money and make passive income. 

Many years ago, I was a civil servant who really loved my job.
Yet, at the same time, I was miserable.

I was overworked, constantly away from my family and often wondered if I could even see my kids grow up.

But in 4 short years after I picked up Value Investing...my life is totally changed.

Sean Seah

Executive Director of 8VIC,
Asia's Top Value Investing Trainer
Mentor To Over 5000+ Students In 7 Countries
What you can learn from this 3 Hours Masterclass
1. How you can use a simple step-by-step investing system to invest successfully… even if you have zero financial knowledge!
✅ How to use a simple 3 step criteria to identify and assess profitable companies to invest in.

✅ Use my closely-guarded evaluation method to identify when to buy and what price to buy your favourite stock.

✅ Identify the best time to sell your investments for maximum profits without making any guesses.
2. How you can get started with Systematic Value Investing with just $100, $1000 or $10,000. 
✅ Why it’s the best time to get started in investing when you ONLY have $100. 

✅ How to use my trademarked Value Investing Options Strategy (VIOS™) to generate huge monthly cashflow… even if stock market prices remain stagnant! 

✅ How to automatically re-invest profits from VIOS™ so you can compound your money faster…
3. How to tread the stock market safely so you can sleep soundly without any stress…
✅ Discover the biggest counter-intuitive secret that will dramatically lower your risk and increase your profits.

✅ Discover why a market crash is like the “Great Malaysia Sale” - where your favourite stocks go on a HUGE discount… 

✅ How to properly allocate your investments into 3 distinct categories so you can weather through ALL market conditions without making losses…
Discover How this Value Investing Options Strategies(VIOS)  had changed thousands of family lives
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Why This Masterclass Is Different Than Anything You've Heard Before!
This Masterclass is only for YOU if: 
Aspiring Investor
✅ You’re a beginner in investing and have not invested before…
Semi Investor
✅ You’ve invested before but you’re afraid to invest due to your past nightmare experience
Experienced Investor
✅ You’ve been investing for quite some time but you’ve yet to see consistent profits…
Did you know that Value Investing Options Strategy has been field-tested by over 5000+ students from 12 countries?

95% of my students have zero financial knowledge before.
They are engineers, nurses, real estate agents to administrative assistants, corporate executives and even blue-collar workers…
Thousands of students across regions and there are so much more
If they can do it. So can you!
Your Lead Trainer for this Masterclass:
Glen Ho
Lead Trainer of Value Investing College
Glen Ho was interviewed by Singapore Newspaper Straitstimes
Glen Ho has been invited to deliver various speeches at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Expo, CIMB securities, Lim & Tan securities, Babylons Vietnam and many other major events and stages. His words have reached and enlightened massive audiences at international events and he has trained investors across the South East Asia region like Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and many more. He was also featured in the newspaper regarding his investment journey.

The story began when Glen was in his teenage years and realised that passive income was very crucial. Yet, the only way to achieve passive income was through investing or being a businessman. Since young, his diverse family background caused him to wonder why some would get rich but most people were struggling throughout their life time. He began to look for answers by reading books, attending course, interviewing different people and other methods to find out the reasons while he was still in his teenage years. In contrast with most of his peers who were studying or clubbing during their teenage years, Glen was poring over investment-related books and saving up money.

The month he turned 18, he opened a brokerage account to invest his savings in the stock market. Despite Glen’s effort, the initial journey in the stock market was not so successful yet and tiring. However, he later was drawn to the extremely robust and sound principles of Value Investing and stock options. Since then, his investment journey had a systematic approach and proved to provide him consistent cash flows.
Glen with his mentor Sean Seah Master Trainer of Value Investing College
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