Sean Seah
Master of Value Investing, #Asia Buffettologist
Executive Director of 8VIC Global Pte Ltd
Hello, My name is Sean Seah. I’m nobody special… just an ordinary father of three beautiful kids. But if you are like me, constantly trying to make more money and provide your family with a better life, the exciting news I have for you is anything but ordinary. 

In fact, it can change your life like it has changed mine. That’s why I’m sharing my incredible story of victory over financial worries with you now.. Believe me… I tried everything… And nothing worked.

In an attempt to make more money for my family… I started out as a trader in the stock market. When I won trades, I was a loving husband. But when I lost money, I became a stranger to my family and would keep quiet about my losses. Sure, I might have to meet a few thousand dollars when I first won trades, but it never lasted. Soon, I would lose every dollar I make, and go on to lose $50,000. I did NOT have courage to tell my wife about all the money that I’ve lost. 

I actually became terribly depressed, because I believe I was destined to be mediocre for the rest of my life. I was depressed because I tried everything I could to provide my family with a better life, but I still failed.

I’ll bet you know exactly what I mean. Just when I thought there was no hope, I met the discovery that changed my life. Here’s why I call it a life-changing miracle. Within one year, I managed to make back the $50,000 which I’ve lost. And here is the best part… “Using this step-by-step investing system, I started from ZERO… and became wealthy.”

Yes, it’s so easy, I’ve been using this step-by-step system to accumulate my wealth! I promised I’m never ever going to let my family worry about money again. This methodology I stumbled upon is SAFE and has been proven to work for the past 90 years. And I promise it’ll work for you too!
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