Mr Ken Chee
Executive Chairman & CEO at 8I Holdings Limited and its Subsidiaries
Ken Chee is the co-founder of the 8I Holdings Limited (ASX: 8IH) and its subsidiaries.

Ken’s earliest success in the stock market started in Singapore Polytechnic where he completed his Diploma in Banking and Financial Services. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from University of Queensland and further pursued the highly rated Executive Program in Value Investing at Columbia Business School – best known as the source of Graham & Dodd’s value investing and home to 13 Nobel Prize winners in Economics.

An entrepreneur at heart, Ken Chee co-founded 8 Investment in the height of the Lehman Brothers crisis with the sole mission to create sustainable value through investments, business, and education.

Within six years, Ken transformed 8 Investment from a private investment business with minimum start-up capital, into a public-listed company (8I Holdings Limited) with a market capitalisation of A$250,000,000 in 2016. Today, 8I Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries is a leading investment and education organisation, enriching the lives of countless individuals and empowering their growth financially, emotionally & mentally.

In 2005, SR Nathan, former President of Singapore presented the Spirit of Enterprise, Honoree Award to Ken Chee for his contribution to entrepreneurship.

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