Mr Clive Tan
Executive Director at 8I Holdings Limited and its Subsidiaries
Clive Tan started his career as a secondary school educator in Singapore. While teaching, the concept of value investing caught his attention and ignited his interest in investments. Within five years his investments enabled him to acquire a struggling childcare franchise and turn it into a highly profitable business, before selling it for a profit.

During his time at the childcare centre, Clive’s interest in value investing grew, leading to the formation of a mastermind group who would meet regularly at his centre to discuss investment strategies. In 2008 the stock market bore a mass exodus during the collapse of Lehman Brothers, prompting the members to seize the opportunity and buy into an undervalued market. While people around them were losing significant sums of money by selling their investments, Clive and Ken Chee, who was part of the mastermind group, identified a strong need in the Singaporean market for education in value investing. It was then that 8 Investment was born.

Under a shoestring budget, the two worked on all aspects of the business, from designing training programs, marketing, finances, operations, training, business planning, recruiting and growth. This saw the company expand to a team of over 50, taking it from a start-up to being listed on the ASX as 8I Holdings Limited (8IH) in 2014. The company now trades with a market capitalisation of over $250M in 2016.

As a speaker and trainer, Clive has touched the lives of more than 10,000 individuals through numerous educational programs, engagements and at their annual Value Investing Summit – the region’s largest conference for value investing.

Today, as Executive Director, Clive is involved in the company’s strategic planning, development and risk management, corporate policies and managing the group’s human capital.

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