Mr Vishal Khandelwal
Teacher and Practitioner of Value Investing, Founder of
Vishal Khandelwal is the founder of, an initiative to help people learn the art of value investing and behavioral finance to be able to make better investment decisions. He has 14+ years’ experience as a stock market analyst and investor, and 6+ years as an investing coach. 
Safal Niveshak, which he started in 2011 after quitting his job as an equity analyst, is now a community of 38,000+ dedicated readers across 100+ countries. The site has been ranked among the best value investing blogs worldwide.
Vishal is a firm believer and practitioner of the principles of value investing as outlined by the likes of Ben Graham, Warren Buffett, and Charlie Munger, and these are exactly what he teaches others to be able to make well-thought-out investment decisions.
He strongly believes in the idea of keeping it simple and swears by the power of compounding. He lives in Mumbai, India with his wife and two kids, and spends most of his time reading, teaching, researching and writing about value investing, behavioral finance, and business analysis.

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