Prof Dr Hermann Simon
Honorary Chairman and Founder of Global Consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners
Prof. Dr. Hermann Simon is a German business leader and author. Simon co-founded Simon-Kucher & Partners in 1985. From 1995 to 2009, he served as CEO of the company, since then as chairman. Simon is an expert in strategy, marketing and pricing. He has an extensive global range of clients. In the German language area he was voted the most influential management thinker after the late Peter Drucker.

Professor Simon has published 35+ books in 26 languages, including the worldwide bestsellers "Hidden Champions" (Boston 1996, cover story of BusinessWeek in 2004) and "Power Pricing" (New York 1997), as well as "Manage for Profit, Not for Market Share" (Boston 2006). His book "Hidden Champions of the 21st Century, Success Strategies of Unknown World Market Leaders" (New York 2009) investigates the strategies of little known market leaders. "Beat the Crisis" (New York 2010) provides companies with practical advice against the crisis and for a quick recovery.

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