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Give Yourself Real Profits by 
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You will discover these mind-blowing hacks:
  • ​How you can learn to pick golden opportunities using a technology filter built on the behaviour of legendary investors like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Sir John Templeton.
  •  How you can to frog-leap yourself into the skills of fund-managers and prevent losses by identifying financially fraudulent shares that most other investors fall into, using a proprietary fraud detection framework
  • ​How to, at the touch of a button, discover opportunities of rock-solid Dividend Shares to collect real-life passive returns the right way so you can travel more and give more to your loved ones
  • ​How you can model after authentic Singaporean millionaires immediately categorising share opportunities into those that are able to multiply your capital to build your nest egg
  • ​A 3R System that you can follow step-by-step to minimize risk and cash in on golden opportunities

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How Will Technology Give You an Edge In Producing Profits?
Whenever we invest in shares, we are investing in their ability to grow and produce profits in the future.

Because we are dealing with future profits, there is always an element of uncertainty. Even for Warren Buffett, there are numerous times when he admits to having made mistakes. This is only natural.

However, for highly skilled investors like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Sir John Templeton, their investment selection process gives an overall high probability of winning by picking only very good businesses with strong and robust backgrounds. They did this by ploughing through tons of financial reports. THIS has grown their wealth to billions.

What technology can do for you, is to take these criteria that form the most golden of companies and transformed it into a "one-click" process you can use to identify powerful growing investments to profit. This makes your investment decisions to pick golden opportunities smarter, faster and easier.
Start Multiplying Your Profits With Technology Now.

This workshop is suitable for:
Complete Beginners
Already Investing
All Types of Employees
Working Singaporeans
Here's what else you'll learn:
  • ​Investing strategy used by the world's richest investor, Warren Buffett that you can model after
  • ​How to find your unique investor profile before starting
  • Secret formula to screen out investable shares within 10 minutes
  • ​Create consistent passive income as extra pocket money to treat yourself with holidays and little luxuries
  • ​Actual recorded case studies using real-life companies based as proof that this systematic approach works
Meet Your Key Trainer for this Masterclass
Veteran share investor Pauline Teo is affectionately known by her many fans as "Supermum Investor".

As a Singaporean mum of 2, she's seen the ups and downs of the markets, ridden the bull and bear to build a 7-figure portfolio she manages today.

Her favourite are dividend shares of solid companies with strong records of being able to reproduce earnings. On top of that, she manages a portfolio of high growth capital gain opportunities.

An established financial author of several investing books, Pauline will be guiding you on the use of a platform called WealthPark that you can use to make better investment decisions.
What the Attendees Have Been Saying
"With the entire process done using this smart investing tool... with the entire decision process made using this... I achieved a 23% return on a stock pick within 2 months.

It is able to cut short my research timing."

Jerald Lie, Entrepreneur and Educator
"I've been using it for the last 5 months and I can't invest without this platform now...
Why is it so powerful?

For example, it helps to screen out companies using technical knowledge and information that retail investors otherwise would not know or use."

Eujin Thong, Retail Investor and Financial Trainer at Value Investing College
"Being a fresh graduate with no investing experience, by following a logical and time tested approach taught, I grew my capital to a sizeable portfolio that creates a 4 figures return every month."

Thomas Wu, Fresh Graduate from NTU
"I remembered telling myself "Hey, if I want to put serious money into the market, I better know what I'm doing!" I've learnt the important concept of "How much to pay for a share". With the support from the community and learning the 3R concept in depth, I no longer have to worry about my income and retirement."

Vincent Yap, ex-Senior Manager in O&G
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Written by veteran investors, "Value Investing Series" is a must-read and the perfect companion for anyone in his or her journey to build a highly profitable portfolio of shares.

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Disclaimer: This masterclass is not a get-rich-quick scheme or MLM opportunity. You will be taught how to identify share investments with a safer profile that can give you returns in the form of dividends or capital gains. All forms of investments carry risks, including the risk of losing all of the invested amount. Such activities may not be suitable for everyone. 

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