Privacy Policy and Earning Disclaimer
1. Thank you for signing up for this event/seminar/program (“Event”). By signing this agreement (“Agreement”), you agree that this Agreement and these Terms and Conditions form a legally binding contract between you and us.

2. All notices or other communications to the parties under this Agreement (“Parties”) shall be made to the addresses of such Party as specified in this Agreement.
Time and Place
3. Your payment entitles you to:
a. attend the Event/Program (where applicable); and/or
b. receive a copy of the materials to be provided at the Event, or Network (whichever is applicable) (“Materials”); and/or
c. the benefits set out in the attached Network brochure (where applicable); and/or
d. such other additional benefits that we may provide to you at our discretion including but not limited to online membership site (where applicable); and/or
e. receive a copy of the materials to be provided at the Event (if applicable) (“Materials”),
(collectively referred as the “Event Services” or “Network Services”).

4. While every reasonable effort will be made to adhere to the Event as informed, we reserve the right to change the time, duration, location and/or other details of the Event, for whatsoever reasons, by notifying you in writing (including e-mail) or via telephone call of the change(s) and informing you of the updated Event details and in such event, we will not, unless otherwise expressly stated by us and without prejudice to the other terms of this Agreement, offer or provide any refund to you or be liable to you for any losses and/ or damages you may suffer as a result of such change(s).
5. You shall pay us the Payment Fee for the Event as stated overleaf:
a. in one lump sum on the signing of this Agreement by you, without any set-offs or deductions whatsoever; or
b. in instalment payments in the amount(s) (each an “Instalment Sum”) and on such dates that such instalment payments are due (each an “Instalment Payment Date”) as stated overleaf, the first instalment payment being payable on the signing of this Agreement by you, in each case without any set-offs or deductions whatsoever.
6. Payments made under this Agreement must be made by the means specified in this Agreement.
7. If you do not pay to us the 1-time payment or any Instalment Sum by the payment date for such sum:
a. all monies owing by you to us shall immediately become due and owing and must be immediately paid to us without any set-offs or deductions whatsoever and without the need for any further demand;
b. you acknowledge that you shall not be entitled, and shall not make any claim for any refund of any amount that you have already paid to us as of that date; and
c. you further acknowledge that this Clause 7 is an essential term of this Agreement.
8. Save as expressly agreed to by us at our discretion or under this Agreement, you agree and acknowledge that you shall not be entitled to a refund for any payment you have made under this Agreement.
Transferring Tickets, Changes
9. In the event that you are unable to attend the Event you have paid for, no refund of the Payment Fee will be given. However, you can transfer your Event ticket to a nominated attendee, subject to your written notification to us at least 14 working days before the Event and providing us with the nominated attendee’s full contact details.
10. Should you/your nominated attendee wish to change your/his/her registration to another program, seminar, workshop, training or event (“Substitute Event”) of a higher event fee, this will be allowed provided that the difference in the event fee is topped up, and other applicable terms and conditions of the Substitute Event complied with. Should the Substitute Event be of a lower value, the difference will not be refunded, reimbursed or exchangeable for any other products, services or cash.
Intellectual Property (IP)
11. You agree and acknowledge that all the rights and interests to all the intellectual property relating to the Materials, the Event Services and/or developed or arising therefrom (“Intellectual Property”) belong to us (and/or the Event presenters) and you shall not in any way, directly or indirectly, copy, reproduce, sell, supply, make available, disclose or otherwise deal with or use (except solely for personal non-commercial purposes) the Materials or the Intellectual Property. Any disclosure of information relating to the Materials and/or Event Services to other organisations/ individuals requires written permission from us.
Release, Indemnity, Limitation of Liability 
12. To the furthest extent allowable by law:
a. you release and indemnify us, our employees, agents and service providers from any and all claims, suits, proceedings, liabilities, damages, losses, compensation, costs and expenses whatsoever in any way arising out of or resulting from your attendance or participation in the Event including, without limitation, any and all claims, actions, and liabilities for injury, loss or damage to you, anyone else or to any property, unless the same was caused by our gross negligence and wilful misconduct;
b. we exclude all terms, conditions and warranties implied by custom, usage, general law or statute, or which cause any part of this Agreement to be void (“Excludable Term”);
c. our accumulative and aggregate liability to you for any claim (whether arising in contract, tort, statute or otherwise) for loss or damage suffered by you in relation to the performance of the Event Services shall be limited to the total amount actually paid by you under this Agreement, and we exclude all liability for any consequential damage (including but not limited to, lost revenue or lost profit) suffered by you in any way relating to the Event Services or your exercise of rights under this Agreement.
d. participation in any of our event organized by us is at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any incident that happens to you during and/or after the event.
e. We reserve the right to expel a participant from further participation in the Event should we, at our sole discretion, deem the participant’s behaviours inappropriate or offensive to other participants, or to our employees. No refund of the payment fee will be given to a participant who has been expelled from the Event.
f. You agree to take personal responsibility in analyzing and selecting any investments. We shall not be responsible for any investment losses incurred by you.
13. The terms of our Privacy Policy accessible at (and may be updated from time to time) apply to and form an integral part of this Agreement.
14. Non-competition: You shall not directly or indirectly engage in any business activities in any territories which competes with the business of the Company during and after the Event. You agree that monetary damages shall be inadequate to compensate us for such breach. We shall be entitled to injunctive relief, in addition to any other remedies at law or equity, should the breach occurs.
15. No Guarantees/ Warranties: You confirm that you have been explained the scope and extend of the Event and you acknowledge that the effectiveness of the Event provided to you depends on facts not under our control and the profitability of the same is not guaranteed.
16. Force Majeure: if any performance of the Event Services is prevented or cancelled because of an act of God, an inevitable accident, fire, blackout, flood, or any other calamity, or by reason of strikes or lockouts, or any other events beyond our direct control, then we may at our option postpone or cancel the performance of the Event Services without any penalty. The full or partial refund of the payment made shall be at our sole discretion considering the Event Services that has yet to be performed.
17. No failure or delay on the part of either party hereto to exercise any right, power or remedy hereunder shall operate as a waiver thereof.
18. Should any provision of this Agreement be determined to be unlawful, invalid, unenforceable or in conflict with any rule, statute or regulation, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions or parts thereof will not be affected.
19. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties. Any prior arrangements, agreement, representations or undertakings are superseded.
20. A person who is not a Party shall have no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap. 53B) to enforce any terms and conditions of this Agreement.
21. This Agreement is governed by the laws of Singapore. All disputes arising under this Agreement shall be settled amicably between the Parties in good faith, failing which the same shall be settled through arbitration in Singapore in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (“SIAC”).
22. We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions without notice.
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