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Ex Civil-Servant Turned Millionaire Investor REVEALS How YOU Can Easily Make A 2nd Income, Grow Your Money, Profit Safely From The Stock Market Without Sacrificing Your Job or Business!
Learn my time-tested and proven investing system that has been used by over 1500+ students from 7 countries...
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From the desk of Sean Seah
Asia's Top Value Investing Trainer
Mentor To Over 1500+ Students In 7 Countries

My name is Sean Seah, and I’m often referred to as the Asian Buffettologist! 

For the past 7 years, I’ve taught more than 1500+ students how to use…

Warren Buffett’s Value Investing methodology to grow their money and make passive income. 

If you’re a Singaporean worried about rising cost of living, job insecurity and irregular income in your family… and you wish to end the struggle… 
I have an important message for you.

Many years ago, I was a civil servant who really loved my job. 

Yet, at the same time, I was miserable. 

I was overworked, constantly away from my family and often wondered if I could even see my kids grow up. 

But in 4 short years after I picked up Value Investing...
  • I now enjoy a monthly 5-figure passive income
  • I can stay at home with my kids and watch them grow
  • I have the freedom of choice to live life the way I want it
  • I am confident my investments will give me a good retirement

The best part?

I spend less than 3 hours a month monitoring my investments and executing trades. 

There is virtually close to zero stress

I get more sleep than I ever had as a civil servant, and I could even go for an all-expenses paid vacation by my investments!

In case you’re wondering… 

Am I the only one who has been enjoying all these benefits?

Here are what some of my students say…
My Students Make More Money On Top Of Their Day Jobs! 
Most of my students come to me when they’re still stuck in their job and, they too saw amazing results…
"Sean is my mentor of choice... I have achieved a passive income of $3000-$4000 a month..."
" I am only 22 years old. Because of my profits through investing, I managed to buy properties..."

Reshveen Rajendran
Student turned Entrepreneur
"...My passive income now exceeds my monthly expenses..."
" By applying what I learnt from Sean, my passive income now exceeds my expenses. With that I am able to make a conscious choice to spend more time with my family."

Jon Kevin Lai
Stay-home Dad
How were they able to do this?

Here’s the story…
The Day When I Decided I Need Another Way Out… 
7 years ago, I was still serving as a civil servant.

I really loved my job because it was purposeful and gave me a sense of fulfilment.

And because I was dedicated to work - I spend lesser and lesser time at home with my family.

Often, I would return late at night just to speak a few sentences and kiss my wife goodnight. 

The next morning, I would leave for work even before the sun rises.

This seemed normal to me until a few months before I was expecting my first-born… 

I could imagine myself missing their childhood if nothing changed.

That was when I told myself I needed another way to make money.

A way that could make me extra money without quitting my job in the civil service. 

Perhaps, something that could completely replace my current income in the near future.

Lo and behold…
I Found A Formula Used By The Richest Investor On Earth
I was open-minded and listened to ALL possible alternatives. 

When one of my friends exposed me to Value Investing...

I quickly uncovered that Value Investing was practised by the richest investor on earth - Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett has spent more than 40 years accumulating his wealth through value investing. 

And I thought to myself…

If I were to use the SAME Value Investing strategy…

I will be able to make an extra income without leaving my current work…

I will be able to grow my money safely and steadily like Warren Buffett…

I will be able to enjoy the kind of life freedom like Warren Buffett…

And guess what?

It ALL came true when I followed his Value Investing strategy! 

Not only have I managed to achieve all of this myself…

I managed to simplify the whole strategy so that all 1500+ of my students could pick up the concept within 3 hours… even if they have zero financial knowledge.

In case you’re wondering what does this story have to do with YOU?

Here’s the deal:

"... Sean Seah is an expert in teaching the methods of Warren Buffett.."
Mary Buffett
International Best-selling Author of the Buffetology Series
Former daughter-in-law of Warren Buffett

For A Limited Time Only: I'm Inviting You To  A FREE 3-Hour Masterclass To Learn My Systematic Value Investing Strategy
I sought out average Singaporeans and asked them a simple question. 

“Why are you not investing yet?”

Virtually all of them said: 

 -> “I don’t know how to invest…

-> “I don’t have enough money to invest…

-> “The stock market is risky…

Hence, I decided to focus on these three areas during my FREE 3-hr masterclass
Here's What YOU Will Learn When You
Attend My FREE 3
-Hour Masterclass!  
1. How you can use a simple step-by-step investing system to invest successfully… even if you have zero financial knowledge!

-> How to use a simple 3 step criteria to identify and assess profitable companies to invest in.

-> Use my closely-guarded evaluation method to identify when to buy and what price to buy your favourite stock. 

-> Identify the best time to sell your investments for maximum profits without making any guesses.

2. How you can get started with Systematic Value Investing with just $100, $1000 or $10,000. 

-> Why it’s the best time to get started in investing when you ONLY have $100

-> How to use my trademarked Value Investing Options Strategy (VIOS™) to generate huge monthly cashflow… even if stock market prices remain stagnant!

-> How to automatically re-invest profits from VIOS™ so you can compound your money faster

3. How to tread the stock market safely so you can 
sleep soundly without any stress

-> Discover the biggest counter-intuitive secret that will dramatically lower your risk and increase your profits.

-> Discover why a market crash is like the “Great Singapore Sale” - where your favourite stocks go on a HUGE discount…

-> How to properly allocate your investments into 3 distinct categories so you can weather through ALL market conditions without making losses
Why This Masterclass Is Different Than Anything You've Heard Before!
This Masterclass is only for YOU if: 

-> you’re a beginner in investing and have not invested before

-> you’ve been investing for quite some time but you’ve yet to see consistent profits

-> you’ve invested before but you’re now afraid to invest because of previous losses

Did you know that Systematic Value Investing Strategy has been field-tested by over 1500+ students from 7 countries?

95% of my students have zero financial knowledge before found me

They are engineers, nurses, real estate agents to administrative assistants, corporate executives and even blue-collar workers…

If they can do it. So can you.

There is no question Systematic Value Investing will work for you. 
"I have achieved an annual 6 figure return..."
"Through careful investment in shares, I have achieved an annual 6 figure return! Yes, it is possible. This amount has opened up so many possibilities in my life. And I am very thankful for my learning journey."

Ken Teng
"My family now enjoys a 
4-Figure passive income to safeguard our financial future. "
"With VIOS™ and Stock investing, my family now enjoys a 4 figure passive income to safeguard our financial future. Definitely attainable if you take action. "

Pebs Lee
Electrical and Software Engineer
You Need An Absolute Guarantee?
The last thing you need is a guarantee. A guarantee that your 3 hours will be well-spent.

Think worst case: If you completely fail to understand this investing system and you’re the worst student in the world (you’re not)…

What’s the worst that could happen? You’re not going to end up a loser.

In fact, if you pay attention and decide this masterclass isn’t for you, just learn from someone else. I don’t mind.

But you do have to do one thing: You have to take a leap of faith.

If you decide that after seeing the content I’ll be teaching you, after reading my students’ success stories again and again, and after seeing video after video I’ve shown you…

…If you decide there’s even a tiny chance you could succeed at growing your money and making extra passive income.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to try?

I’d love to help you. I’m standing by, waiting to welcome you to my masterclass. You can become a successful investor. 

I can show you how. 

Just like how I showed thousands of Singaporeans who tuned to 
93.8 Live! 

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Physical Book of 
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  • LAID BARE: Personal experiences of share investors around the world
  • Uncover the power of investing and how it can impact your life
Bonus #2 
Digital Book of 
"Gone Fishing with Buffett"
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Top Secret Insider 
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  • Get behind-the-scenes to find out how top stocks are being picked
  • REVEALED: How to identify and assess high potential stocks within 5 minutes
  • BONUS: Get up close and personal with trainer as he shares 3 stock case studies
Look, if you've read this far - you CLEARLY care about your financial future. 

Invest the 3 hours, and commit to come down and learn.

What I share with YOU can make passive income and grow your money safely.

You'll finally be able to start making the money you desire, and enjoy the success you crave.

I'll see you at my masterclass. 

Sean Seah


If you skipped all the way to the bottom, here's a summary of what we discussed:

I'm conducting a 3-hour masterclass that outlines the exact Value Investing System that I taught over 1500+ students in 7 countries.

The Masterclass is FREE, and all I ask is your commitment to learn and implement these in your business. 

This is a very limited offer because each class is only limited to 50 people and my classes fill up fast.

The last time I conducted my Masterclass, 40 seats were snatched up within a day - so my next class will be filled quickly. 

Click the button below and claim your seat now. You won't regret it.

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Your FREE Seat To My 3-Hour 
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Venue: International Plaza
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Please complete registration within 8:00 minutes.
After 8:00 minutes, the reservation we're holding will be released to others.
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